Ray Park Still Wants to be Iron Fist

I’m not the biggest fan of Iron Fist the character, but I have picked up a couple of issues of The Immortal Iron Fist, the latest series, and I liked what I saw (er, read). But Ray Park as Iron Fist? Danny Rand? You mean Darth Maul actually acting? I don’t know about that. Ray Park as a masked ass kicker is good stuff; Ray Park as an, you know, actor? Gonna take some convincing there, I’m afraid.

While attending Chicago Comic Con (I didn’t even know Chicago had its own Comic Con, go figure), Park was asked about his most coveted role, and without hesitation he brought up Iron Fist (via Comics Alliance):

“I actually want to be Danny Rand – I want to be Iron Fist, I want to do it. I want to have an excuse to take my top off and show off my abs. Or, take my top off and work to get my abs back that I used to have when I was 19. If they ever do an Iron Fist movie, it’s going to be with the two [characters, Iron Fist and Luke Cage] teaming up. [Changing my look] is something I can easily do and bleach my hair – I’ve been blond before. I’ll work on the American accent as well.”

Like I said, Ray Park as a masked crimefighter can be pretty awesome stuff, but Iron Fist won’t be Iron Fist the entire movie. He’ll also have to be Danny Rand, billionaire industrialist and socialite playboy. Park doesn’t quite have the acting resume (with emphasis on acting) that would convince people he could pull off such a role, but whose to say he hasn’t improved since playing Toad in “X-Men 2”?

That is, if Marvel Studios ever decides to make the movie. At this point, Iron Fist’s buddy Luke Cage might just make it into theaters before the chosen warrior of K’un L’un.

The Iron Fist don't need no stinkin' shirt. 'Sides, chicks dig the tattoo.

The Iron Fist don't need no stinkin' shirt. 'Sides, chicks dig the tattoo.