Ray Park Talks G.I. Joe, Iron Fist

Ray Parks (pictured, left) as Snake Eyes in “G.I. Joe” will probably sell as many tickets as people going to the movie to see, well, “G.I. Joe” be turned into a live-action movie. Let’s face it, he was the best thing about “The Phantom Menace”, and since the role won’t require Snake Eyes to emote or win awards for acting, this is a perfect casting choice by director Stephen Sommers. And that’s another thing: this is Stephen Sommers, he’s not going to fubar the movie for the sake of “art” — this thing is going to be as mainstream action-adventure cool as you can get. In any case, Parks recently talked about Snake Eyes, and also a little something about “Iron Fist”.

You can read what Park has to say about playing Snake Eyes here, but what really got our attention was this passage about “Iron Fist”:

It’s funny, I always said I wanted to be Batman. It’s funny because I grew up with Batman and the Hulk when I was a kid. Thinking about it now, though, I would love to play Danny Rand – Iron Fist. I’d love to do that. Even though I’m supposed to be doing it – I would love to actually get to do it [laughs], because it’s a traditional story. My dad used to read the comics, so I’d also like to do it for my father. So I’ve become a fan of Iron Fist. I would love to do it because the fans have really supported me in it and I’d love to do it for the fans as well.

Here’s the interesting excerpt: “Even though I’m supposed to be doing it – I would love to actually get to do it…”

Which means the film is now on hold. IMDB.com has it listed as a 2008 production, but I think we can safely say that that’s being overly optimistic. At the earliest, we’re looking at a 2009 film, but more likely 2010 if it happens at all.

Which is too bad, as Ray Park as Iron Fist would be cool. In fact, the whole movie would be cool. Could you imagine seeing the Heavenly City of Kun Lun and all the rest? Plus, they could easily do prequels or sequels, since the Iron Fist power is passed on from generation to generation.

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