Ray Park Confirms He’s Back as Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe 2

Good news, fans of Ray Park, aka everyone’s favorite Sith assassin. The actor, who was recently in the WB’s “Nikita” playing a badass Guardian, has confirmed via Twitter that he’s returning as Snake Eyes in “G.I. Joe 2”, which will be directed by “Step Up” guy Jon Chu in his first, well, non-dancing “battling” movie. Chu has already made it public that he wants to make a “tougher” G.I. Joe movie.

Tweets the Parkster:

Good news all! As u might have guessed, I’m coming back to play Snake Eyes for the sequel of G.I JOE, directed by Jon Chu;)

Previous news on the “Joe 2” front also had Lee Byung-Hun officially back as Storm Shadow, while Rachel Nichols (Scarlett) recently Tweeted that the only characters coming back for part 2 would be Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Duke.

Paramount appears to still be pretty bullish on the franchise, and has already set a late 2012 release date. Despite middling to terrible reviews, “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” (directed by Stephen Sommers) made $150 million domestically and $302 million worldwide from an estimated $175 million dollar budget. The film has also cleared about $70 million in DVD and Blu-ray sales.