RDJ and Favreau Talk Iron Man 3

In more concrete (no-brainer) comic book movie news, Robert Downey Jr. told MTV he is sure an “Iron Man 3” will be forthcoming — not anytime soon, of course, with “The Avengers” up next for ol Shellhead, but eventually. You don’t put down a profitable franchise, after all.

“I think it’s going to go down. I know ‘Avengers’ is supposedly first on their docket, and we’ll see how all that pans out sooner rather than later.”

Jon Favreau says just as much to Comingsoon:

“They’ve asked me to be an Executive Producer on ‘The Avengers’ so I’ll be there to help as much as the director would want me to. ‘Iron Man 3’ is years down the road, and that has to reflect the reality of what’s been established not just in ‘Iron Man 1 and 2,’ but in movie time, between this film and that film, is ‘The Incredible Hulk,’ ‘Thor,’ ‘Captain America,’ and ‘The Avengers.’ I haven’t had to inherit anybody else’s backstory yet–it’s just simply what we chose to use or not use from the comic books–so I’m feeling like I’m passing the baton and after all those movies are done, it’s time to sit down and discuss if there’s something I can bring to it, if it’s something we want to do together, but that’s way down the road.”

It will certainly be interesting to see an “Iron Man 3” movie after all the events of “Thor”, “Captain America”, and most importantly, “The Avengers” have hit the screen. Major movie franchises have never had to acknowledge each other’s existence before in such a concrete way, and it’ll be interesting to see if comic book cross-over storytelling can, well, cross over to big-time big-budget moviemaking.

As to the villain for “Iron Man 3”, Favreau seems to think it will, in all likelihood, be The Mandarin (below), a character whose presence in the “Iron Man” universe has been hinted at for some time now via an organization called the Ten Rings. The Mandarin, of course, is known for his ten powered rings, which he pits against Iron Man’s tech.