RDJ May be out of Cuaron’s Gravity, Bullock Definitely In

The latest on Alfonso Cuaron’s “Castaway” in space movie “Gravity” has male lead Robert Downey Jr. possibly dropping out due to the always popular scheduling conflicts. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Sandra Bullock is definitely in as the film’s female lead (the really crucial role in the entire movie), so that means you won’t be seeing the world’s shortest astronaut floating around in space, as was the case when Natalie Portman was rumored for the role but had to dump it, thanks once again to those conflicting schedules.

Warner Bros. is saying that RDJ is still in, and that they are trying to work around his schedule. Downey’s got Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes 2” coming up pretty fast, and I somehow doubt Warner Bros. is going to delay that sure-fire hit just to get RDJ back into a survival drama set in space, especially since it’s such a small role. Then again, given RDJ’s popularity right now, it might be worth it just to be able to squeeze his name into the ads.

“Gravity”, written by Cuaron and his son Jonas, would star Bullock and Downey Jr. as astronauts assigned to a space station that is destroyed by space debris, leaving the two astronauts trapped onboard their shuttle. Bullock’s character must now fight her way back to Earth, since I’m assuming Downey’s character bites it pretty early on, given that he only had to carve out a few weeks to shoot the movie.

“Gravity” will, of course, be shot in 3D.