RDJ Says Sherlock Holmes Sequel is a Good Bet

If he was a betting man (and I believe he was, back in his “cocaine in the morning, cocaine at night, meth in-between” days), Robert Downey Jr says he would put all his money on a sequel to his “Sherlock Holmes” re-imagining with director Guy Ritchie (“Snatch”). Okay, he didn’t exactly say that in those words, but that’s what he was hinting at. In the flick, RDJ plays a new, more contemporary version of Sherlock Holmes, while Jude Law is his Watson.

Here’s what RDJ tells MTV:

“I feel like there’s going to be a ‘Sherlock Holmes 2.”

Okay, not much of a quote, but he seems to believe the film will be a hit with audiences, thus guaranteeing a sequel. RDJ also notes that he made sure the movie would be rated PG-13, saying that he wanted to keep the film’s overall tone “family friendly”. It’s actually a smart move. Who wants to see Sherlock Holmes laying around an opium den?

Okay, that would actually be kind of cool, but definitely not “family friendly”.

Below: Sherlock Holmes is gonna beat you into a PG-13 family friendly pulp.