Reader Review: The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)

Nix here. I plan on reviewing “The Forbidden Kingdom” when it hits theaters later this month. What, I’m not going to see the first-ever martial arts collaboration between Jackie Chan and Jet Li? Yeah, yeah, I haven’t been a big fan of Chan, but I am a humongous fan of Li, and this seems like a movie that’s right up his alley. Reader Michael Wright beat me to it and sent in his review for the film, which is scheduled to open April 18, 2008. This review is SPOILER-FREE.


WOW, what a fun movie and story. Seeming allot like The Wizard of OZ, the delightful story begins with a young Boston boy (Jason), a want to be martial arts fan, caught is a bad situation. After a fall and a bump on the head, he travels to a far land back in time where he becomes the center of local lure as the savior of the famed and magical Monkey King. He is carrying the sacred staff which can restore the Monkey King from his enslavement as a stone statue by the evil wizard the Jade War Lord.

Along the way Jason meets three friends who support his cause, and help him to restore the staff to its rightful owner. Lu Yan (Jackie Chan), the gifted martial arts drunkard, the Priest (Jet LI), and The Golden Sparrow (Yefei Lui), the martial arts musician and beauty.

Having to duel with many of the Jade War Lords men throughout the film adds thrilling fighting scenes, and great Kung Fu Martial Arts movements, and the story line is fun. In this type of film, nobody really gets hurt and everyone can enjoy the journey.

The duel characters are fun to watch, and the secrets of the story are warm and delightful. After viewing the file, I do not want to give it away, but to say it is well worth the price of admission, and en enjoyable presentation well worth your time to watch.

Like the ending in the Wizard of OZ, the young lad returns to home with accomplishment and talent, and corrects is earlier error.

Well done to the cast, crew and the writer John Fusco for a warm and wonderful story for all to see.

Rob Minkoff (director) / John Fusco (screenplay)
CAST: Michael Angarano … Jason Tripitikas
Morgan Benoit … Lupo
Jackie Chan … Lu Yan
Collin Chou … Jade War Lord
Bingbing Li … Ni Chang
Jet Li … Monkey King / Lan Cai He
Yifei Liu … Golden Sparrow

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