Ready for More Found Footage? Too Bad. Here’s No. 32, B District.

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No. 32, B District (2011) Movie ImageNot to be outdone by the rest of the world, China tosses their cinematic hat into the “Paranormal Activity” knock-off arena with the upcoming “found footage” horror flick “No. 32, B District”, a clunky title if ever there was one. By this point, you should already know how these movies play out: Someone uses their camera/home surveillance system to capture the supernatural shenanigans unfolding in their humble abode. Terror and panic eventually ensue. “No. 32, B District” doesn’t look too far removed from this formula, though I am curious to see if the filmmakers will attempt to do anything different with their endeavor. From the looks of the trailer embedded below, I seriously doubt it.

“No. 32, B District” opens in China on June 3rd, 2011.

No. 32, B District (2011) Movie Poster

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Author: Todd Rigney

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