Insidious 2 is In the Works

Lin Shaye and Leigh Whannell in Insidious (2010) Movie Image

Not surprising that everyone involved with the first movie, including writer/co-star Leigh Whannell and his co-hort James Wan would want to come back for a sequel to the lo-fi horror movie. After all, the film has earned almost $100 million worldwide from a meager $1.5 million production budget, including $54 million at home. It’s also earned $7 million in DVD sales. Not bad for a movie that succeeded almost purely on word of mouth.

So of course they’re going to do a sequel. What makes this sequel probably worth following, though, is that everyone involved in the first movie is expected back, with Whannell first onboard to write a script to the sequel and Wan currently in talks to direct again.

Says Whannell:

Insidious was the most fun project I’ve ever worked on. From start to finish it was an absolute joy—from the writing of the screenplay, all the way to the first screening of the film at the Toronto film festival. I believe that James Wan and I achieved what we set out to do—create a horror film for horror fans…Both of us feel that we can mine more terror from the world we created and know that if we assemble every member of the original team, we will have an amazing continuation of the story for fans of the first film.

The 2010 original starred Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne as the parents of a boy whose preternatural abilities allow him to become a “door” for wicked demons. The parents, with the help of a ghost expert played by Lin Shaye, had to beat back the spooky troublemakers or lose the boy.