Ready for The Walking Dead: The Game?


Can’t get enough of zombies? Don’t worry, the game developers at Telltale Games have you covered. They’ve teamed up with “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman to develop a game based on Kirkman’s shambling undeads.

Kirkman says the game will be episodic and based on events within the comic book universe (there’s also a TV show on AMC). It’s not clear whether this title will be an adventure game — similar to Telltale’s previous work — or a more action-oriented game.

What is known is that the relationship will “span over several years and feature multiple titles on multiple platforms.”

In the meantime, “The Walking Dead” Season 1 lands on DVD and Blu-ray March 8, 2011.

Author: Nix

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  • Teru Kei

    I love the comic book, the show was okay, but a video game…that’s kind of pushing it.

  • Dedpool

    A videogame would be awesome if done right. Current zombie games concentrate on killing the zombies mostly, but I’d love a survival game that’s equal parts exploringing, horror, combat, survival and story. Imagine a game where you have to go search for food, ammo, weapons etc, all while avoiding zombies as not to alert them to your pressence. Save some survivors and have them join your stable of playable characters each with attributes to set them apart. Glen would be quick and stealthy, while Rick would be your tank.