Real Random Stabbings at a Showing of The Signal

Now I would consider this story about a real, random stabbing in a movie theater where the new horror movie “The Signal” was showing to be some lame attempt at viral marketing ala “The Blair Witch Project”, except the article appeared on, and I’m assuming it’s real. Then again, we are talking about MSNBC here, and who really would notice if they just decided to post nothing but articles about rabbits tomorrow? More below.


Two men were stabbed and injured Sunday night while watching a horror film at the AMC Theater in Fullerton during what appears to be a random attack, police say.

Shortly before 7:30 p.m., officers were sent to the theater at 1000 S. Lemon St. after someone reported finding a bag with what appeared to be illegal substances, said Fullerton police Lt. Tom Basham.

While the officers were at the theater, people started running out of the theater showing “The Signal,” including two men with blood on them, Basham said.

One man suffered a stab wound to the arm, which punctured into his chest and was taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange. The other man was also stabbed in the arm and taken to St. Jude Medical Center. Both are expected to survive.

The attacker, who is believed to have been kicked out of the theater earlier, escaped.

“The Signal”, as you’ll recall, is about a strange signal that is sent through the TV and phone lines that causes people to randomly attack and kill one another. And although the MSNBC article calls it a “horror-comedy”, I’m pretty sure it has no comedy at all.

But hey, free PR is free PR, right?