Real Steel Writer Tackling Stan Lee’s The Annihilator

Stan LeeStan Lee’s Pow! Entertainment wants to do some annihilatin’ … with The Annihilator!

Who is The Annihilator? He’s a new superhero created by Stan “The Man” Lee, with an eye towards turning it into a movie. To help with that, Lee and his Hong Kong-based partners have hired “Real Steel” writer Dan Gilroy to adapt the character.

So who is this guy that’ll save us? The hero of The Annihilator is a “young Chinese man given a second chance as an international superhero who returns home to mete out justice.” Well, that’s novel. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a Chinese superhero on the big screen before. You know, at least not one that wasn’t made in China or Hong Kong.

Some Googling led me to these pieces of concept art for an “Annihilator” character, which I take it is Lee’s character, since the site does link back to Lee’s official Pow! Entertainment official site. And he does look Chinese. A Wolverine-haired Chinese fellow, anyway.

The Annihilator Comic Character

The Annihilator Comic Character

Via : Variety