Red Band Chloe Trailer

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“Chloe” is an Atom Egoyan directed remake of a French film called “Nathalie”. A jealous wife (Julianne Moore) hires a very pretty prostitute (Amanda Seyfried) to check to see if her hubby, Liam Neeson, is the gigantic letch he appears to be. Matters go interestingly downhill from that point.

The Red Band or Restricted trailer we have for you is quite naughty and scandalous. Amanda Seyfried has got that perfect mix of sweet and sexy that is just the thing to make the Red Band extra spicy. “Chloe” is out March 26. This was the movie that Liam was making in Toronto when his wife Natasha Richardson died after her head injury in Quebec while she was skiing. Thanks to ComingSoon for the clip.

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