Red Band Legion Video Demonstrates Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Dennis Quaid and Tyrese Gibson in Legion (2010) Movie Image

Tyrese Gibson fights alongside Paul Bettany as the archangel Michael in the Jan 22nd release of “Legion”, a confusing tale of the one good angel, freed from his allegiance to God, who returns to Earth to save a human baby that is Mankind’s last  hope for something ethically relevant but not hinted at in previous trailers. In this particular video, Tyrese Gibson leaves the roof of the magic diner where the last Angel Of Mercy stands guard, to rescue a family that apparently has run out of gas in the worst place on Earth.

Paul Bettany brings a nifty dignity to his roles that is quite Denzel like. Now he’s not Denzel, just about to appear in “The Book Of Eli”, but he’s in the neighborhood. “Legion” also stars Dennis Quaid, Kevin Durand as Gabriel and Doug Jones. Thanks Bloody Disgusting for the news.