Red Band Clip For From Paris With Love Proves Bad Guys Have No Peripheral Vision

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John Travolta in From Paris with Love (2009) Movie Image

A clip for an adult oriented action film just isn’t the same unless you get a preview of all the naughty words, spleen softening impacts and the predictable physics of very hard bullets meeting very soft bone.

In “From Paris With Love”, Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays an aide to the U.S. Ambassador for France who is just plain tired of opening wine bottles all day and yearns for the active life. He gets his wish and is assigned a real covert operation and is unfortunate enough to be paired with Charlie Wax (John Travolta), who appears to be crazy and an unusual dresser. In this particular clip, the bad guys for some reason can only see objects directly in front of them and completely miss the ominous and puffy, gun wielding hulk of Mr. Travolta, lurking one room over in plain sight. Stupid villains are fun. “From Paris With Love” opens Feb 5th.

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