Red Band Trailer for Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block

I was supposed to catch Joe Cornish’s sci-fi alien invasion flick “Attack the Block” at SXSW, but never made it to the screening, alas. From what I hear, though, it’s a rollicking good time and everyone who has seen and reviewed it seems to love it. I guess that means it’s really, really good. Check out a Red Band Trailer for the movie below. Don’t let the Red Band designation scare you; it’s just for some foul language and some blood splatter, but nothing you probably haven’t seen a hundred times before on a daily basis. The trailer itself definitely looks promising.

The block in question is a South London housing estate, which comes under threat from a bunch of fluorescent-jawed ET’s that, despite their furry demeanor, are about as cuddly as a box of porcupines. They are peeved that local teen thug Moses and his gang killed one of their own after it crash-landed on their manor.

Starring Jodie Whittaker, John Boyega, Alex Esmail, Franz Drameh, Leeon Jones, and Nick Frost.

The film is opening in select cities around the States on July 29th, including Los Angeles, Austin, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago. Canadians will be able to grab at look, but only if you live in the Toronto area. Check your local listings in case they go wider, or just wait for the VOD release.