The New Red Band Trailer For Take Me Home Tonight Features Cocaine, Boobs, And NWA

When the first trailer for the new 80s throwback comedy “Take Me Home Tonight” came out, I thought, that looks like it could be a decently funny, nothing we haven’t seen before, but it could prove entertaining on a slow night. You also couldn’t help but think of “Hot Tub Time Machine”, “The Wedding Singer”, and their ilk. Add to the fact that this is something that’s been done to death the knowledge that “Take Me Home Tonight” has been lingering on the shelf for a few years while the studio figured out how to market it, and you’ve got a formula for a forgettable movie.

But I have to say, the new red band trailer for “Take Me Home Tonight” makes it look kind of rad, full of gratuitous nudity, gratuitous drug use, and all of the things that made 80s movies such an iconic sub-genre. I’m a sucker for the “one night changes everything” storyline, and there are obvious lifts from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, “Porky’s”, and even nods to films like “American Graffitti” and “American Psycho”.

Now this raunchy comedy looks like something I actually want to see. Maybe I’m a huge sucker for a good trailer, and boobs, and cocaine, and Topher Grace, and this will be another horrible retro train wreck. But maybe, just maybe, “Take Me Home Tonight” will be a lot of fun.

“Take Me Home Tonight” opens March 4, was written by some of the people from “That 70’s Show” (which can be good or bad depending on your perspective), and stars Topher Grace, Anna Ferris, Michelle Trachtenberg, Dan Fogler, and Demitri Martin.

Let the trailer transport you back to the decade where yuppies reigned. If nothing else it wins points for using “Straight Outta Compton” as the musical selection instead of going with a more obvious choice.