Red Band Trailers: Role Models, Saw 5

What does a raunchy comedy about two energy drink reps who get into trouble, get sentenced to a big buddy program, and generally throws around the “F” word like there’s no tomorrow, have in common with the fifth installment of a horror franchise about some guy who refuses to die, because gosh darn it, he just loves his games so much? Hah! That was a trick question. The two films have nothing in common — except they both put out red band trailers. Which, I guess, technically they have in common. Oh, my head hurts.

“Role Models” stars Seann William Scott of “American Pie” fame and Paul Rudd, who you probably don’t recognize by name, but know the face as the guy who always plays the best friend, the gay best friend, or the gay next door neighbor. He’s actually a very good actor, he just ends up playing mostly supporting roles in bad, bad, BAD romantic comedies. Elizabeth Banks also shows up somewhere in the movie to look hot and what not.

“Saw 5” is about Jigsaw, and if you don’t know the plot by now, you probably won’t be seeing it, so eh. Red band trailers for both below.

“Role Models” red band trailer:

“Saw 5” red band trailer: