Red Dawn Has A Teaser Trailer, Sort Of

Chris Hemsworth in Red Dawn (2012) Movie Image

After sitting on the shelf for years, Open Road’s “Red Dawn” remake is finally going to see the light of day, so to speak. Financial woes at MGM, as well as a lengthy process that involved changing the bad guys from China to North Korea, led to more than two years between when the film was originally scheduled and when it will finally be released. A new clip from Entertainment Tonight teases the upcoming film.

“Red Dawn” could have lingered in limbo indefinitely, but fortunately for it the cast includes two big stars that weren’t big stars when the film was shot. Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson have both scored mammoth hits in the intervening years—“Thor” and “The Avengers” for Hemsworth, “The Hunger Games” for Hutcherson. Connor Cruise, son of Tom, also stars in “Red Dawn”.

A remake of John Milius’ 1984 Cold War paranoia film, “Red Dawn” tells the story of a small town invaded by a foreign power. As we all know, the key to victory is taking over isolated provincial villages. A group of teens is determined to fight back, taking to the surrounding mountains and forests, employing guerilla tactics. The original film starred Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Jennifer Grey, Powers Booth, and more. “Red Dawn 2012” stars Hemsworth, Hutcherson, Cruise, Adrienne Palicki, Josh Peck, Isabel Lucas, Edwin Hodge, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

While most take issue with North Korea as the aggressor (China seems like a viable possibility, they have the resources to back them up, but North Korea? Really?) I noticed something in this clip that gives me pause. One of the best parts of “Red Dawn”, one of the big reasons I glommed onto it as a child, is that the heroes are just kids. They’re not military badasses, and none of them have any sort of formal training. But if you pay attention you’ll see that Hemsworth has a USMC tattoo on his forearm. If this is true that takes away some of the magic, some of what makes “Red Dawn” so damn cool.

A real trailer is sure to follow before too long, but for now, we’ll have to satiate ourselves with this clip.

“Red Dawn” invades theaters and yells “Wolverines!” on November 21st.

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UPDATE: Here’s the official trailer.