Red Hill’s Patrick Hughes Will Direct The Expendables 3, So Sayeth Sly


Patrick Hughes

Well if anyone’s going to know who’s on tap to direct “The Expendables 3″, I guess Sylvester Stallone would know, wouldn’t he? He’s only the star, creator, and producer on the franchise, after all, and figures to be all three again for the third movie.

From the Twitter feed of Sly himself, “Red Hill” director Patrick Hughes has been named the new director on “The Expendables 3″, taking over from Simon West, who directed the second movie, and Sly himself, who did the honors behind the camera on the first flick.

Hopefully the Aussie director will follow more in West’s footsteps, given that Sly’s directing on the first movie was borderline incomprehensible. At least, for those of us who likes following the flow of action and other silly stuff like that.

In “The Expendables 3″, currently set for 2014, Sly, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, and everyone else who didn’t die in the last two movies (plus some new additions, of course, possibly even some guy that just got out of prison) will kill a bunch of people and make manly jokes and totally bro out onscreen.

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  • Juggernaut

    Red Hill was a cool movie. Really hoping to see Wesley Snipes show up. I’d love it if he was a villain out for revenge for Barney and The Expendables having left his father, Carl Weathers (The Rocky Saga, Predator), behind during a mission 20 years ago! In actuallity the actors are only separated by 15 years but then again this is an Expendables movie so there is already a heavy dose of suspended disbelief going in. LOL.

    • Dedpool

      Make it his older brother then. I could see that working well. He’d be a good replacement for my idea of Banderas as villain with White and Bautista as muscle. Ilike Snipes at the head of the villains table with those two as muscle.

    • PeterG

      Snipes was already against Stallone in Demolition Man, i think it’s better to be the new recruitment for the deadlier mission the expendables have ever encountered.

      • Dedpool

        That works too, but just cause it was done once doesn’t mean it will be the same. But either works for me.