Red Sequel Land a Director

Red (2010) Movie PosterThe first “Red”, starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich as a bunch of old fogey Cold War CIA operators who come out of retirement when their old employers the CIA decide they need to be gotten rid of, was something of a surprise hit. Though it didn’t exactly break the box office bank, it did turn a nice little profit for Summit Entertainment, making almost $200 million worldwide from a $60 million dollar budget.

A sequel, of course, was inevitable.

The first film was directed by Robert Schwentke, who is currently shooting the Ryan Reynolds-starring “R.I.P.D.”, which means he’s too busy to helm the sequel. The job has gone to Dean Parisot, a mostly TV director who has helmed episodes of “Justified” and “Monk”, but who also has a couple of major movies to his credit, including the 1999 “Star Trek” parody “Galaxy Quest” with Tim Allen and more recently, 2005’s “Fun with Dick and Jane” with Jim Carrey. Let’s not hold the latter against him, shall we?

No word on the sequel’s plot, but the first film’s writers, Erich and Jon Hoeber, returned to script the second film. Willis and company are all expected back, though no one has been signed and sealed yet, which means they could always say No, depending on how much fun they had making the first movie. They aren’t exactly spring chickens, you know, which was part of the first movie’s charms. Willis, in particular, will probably shoot the next “Die Hard” installment (part five, in case you’re keeping track at home) first before jumping back into “Red 2”.

Anyone who has read the Warren Ellis limited-series comic book that the movies are based on, of course, knows that a sequel was never in the cards for the comic book’s hero. Then again, it’s not like the first “Red” movie had all that much in common with the comics, which was a dark and gritty and ultimately nihilistic tale of a pissed off CIA agent. “Red” the movie, on the other hand, was pretty much all fun and games.

Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren in Red (2010) Movie Image

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