Red Sonja Update: Simon West Directing, and Amber Heard Starring?


Oh, Red Sonja, will we ever see your red Sonja-ness grace our big screens again? If producer Avi Lerner has anything to say about it, you can bet your ass we will. According to the producer, “Red Sonja” is very much still alive, even without Rose McGowan, long attached to the reboot but now gone off to other things (including the lead in Victor Salva’s “Rosewood Lane”).

According to Lerner, with the “Conan” reboot almost done and in theaters later this year, he’s already looking forward to making “Red Sonja”, which according to the producer, should get made sometime between “Conan” and “Conan 2″. Of course, saying there will be a “Conan 2″ is a tad premature, and will almost certainly depend entirely on how the first remake does in theaters. (We have the film listed as one of our 10 most anticipated movies of 2011, so we’re definitely pulling for it.)

Meanwhile, besides letting slip that they’re planning a “Conan 2″, Lerner also revealed to Empire that they’ve already signed up a director for “Red Sonja”, and it’ll be Simon West, who most recently helm the Jason Statham-starrer “The Mechanic” remake, but is probably most famous for “Con Air”. Not just that, but according to Lerner, his favorite to play the titular Red Sonja is young Amber Heard (below), who just finished starring in the Lerner-produced “Drive Angry 3D” with Nicolas Cage.

So there you have it. “Red Sonja” is still alive, and Lerner and company plans to make it after the “Conan” reboot lands in theaters, with Simon West directing and possibly Amber Heard starring. Thoughts?

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    heard seems better built for the part at least but still, not the amazonian stature I’m used to. Rose was always a strange pick for the part iMO though i understand why it happened at the time with Rodriguez attatched. That said bring on both “Conan” and “Sonja”

    • Nix

      She would have to really train hard for it. Can’t see it myself, and not sure if Heard can carry a franchise.

      • Dedpool

        I don’t think she can either, but Rose would have to work out too. Anyone that is signed would. But I was just saying body wise, she’d fill out the metal bikini better. LOL.

    • Nix

      She would have to really train hard for it. Can’t see it myself, and not sure if Heard can carry a franchise.

  • Juggernaut

    Amber Heard is smokin’ hot but Sonja she is not. I thought that McGowen was in 100%?!?!? Sh’es in the Conan movie along with MY #1 pick for Red Sonja, Rachel Nichols. I really think that for this role you need to have a certain look and height. Hopefully they go another way with the casting. Maybe Megan Gale from the scrapped JL movie?

  • CharmedRuiner

    it will probably do better without Rose McGowan she helped to ruin Charmed so hire a better actress for it please

  • dcsonjafan

    Amber Heard doesn’t look Amazon/Female Barbarian/Warrior Women -esque enough to be Sonja in my opinion. Someone 5’9″ and up in height and who looks like she could wield a sword and look intimidating but beautiful… Which is how Sonja is depicted really: A fierce and stunning beautiful barbarian woman….
    Kristanna Loken – not the best actress in the world but she would be my pick of the lot, 5’1″, already played a Viking Queen stronger than any man, was the TX in Terminator 3 (That first scene of hers is enough to say… Yes she’ll fill out the chainmail bikini).
    What more could you ask for? We’re not going to have the best acting in the world but it’d be two times better than the 1985 version..
    But… That’s just me haha