Reddick Talks DAY OF THE DEAD Remake

day_of_the_dead.jpg(Article by Robert Lewis) Where the Hell is it? Day of the Dead remake, where are you?! You know, the one directed by Friday the 13th alumni Steve Miner with a cast consisting of Mena Suvari, Ving Rhames, Nick (“Let’s get WILD!”) Cannon and cinema’s first vegetarian zombie…that’s right, A VEGETARIAN ZOMBIE! Who in their right mind would let a film featuring an undead corpse (redundant, I know) with such a healthy diet go unreleased for a year’s worth of time?

Well, I don’t know, but the folks over at Arrow in the Head scored an exclusive scoop from the film’s writer regarding the status of the ill-advised rehash. Here’s what Jeffrey Reddick (who also penned Final Destination and the Carrie-esque Tamara) had to say:

“I’m not sure when the movie’s coming out. I know they’re doing some reshoots very soon…[and] they’re planning a Fall release.”

Will the notoriously despised, plant-munching ghoul get even more screen time? Sadly, he didn’t say. But he did go on to reveal that director Steve Miner still has his say in the writing process:

“I’m doing the re-writing…for the most part. Steve does like to write sometime though too.”

Let me remind you that Mr. Miner’s last (and only) credit as a writer was for the 1978 soccer coach romp Manny’s Orphans. Take it as you may people, but to me I doubt all these re-shoots and a re-invigorated script is going to make a bit of difference.

They’re welcome to prove me wrong, though. They’re welcome to prove me wrong.