Reel Laughs: Bryan Singer is Amused by the Internets

Bryan Singer

Today’s Reel Laughs features director Bryan Singer (“The Usual Suspects”, the first two “X-Men” movies), who was shown some Internet parodies of his movies, including “Suspects” and the upcoming “Jack the Giant Killer”. From the looks of it, Singer has never seen these before, and why should he? Dude has, like, a movie director career going and everything, I’m sure he has no time to be prowling the Interwebs for silly parodies of his movies.

He does take exception to their nitpick of his “Jack the Giant Killer” plot (“Without it there wouldn’t be a movie”), but guffaws at the “gay love story” reworking of his breakthrough film “The Usual Suspects”.

Singer seems like a real good sport about it, though, and even wonders why no one ever sent the parodies to him. So there you have it, future parody makers. Bryan Singer wants your videos!

Via : Movieline