Reel Laughs: Hilarious Avengers Gag Reel


The Avengers Gag Reel

I don’t know how long this is going to stay up on YouTube, but while it’s still around, check out a 4-minute long gag reel from Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers” which, I assume, is part of the film’s upcoming September 25th, 2012 DVD/Blu-ray release. There’s nothing quite like Captain America trying to slip on a parachute and failing. Miserably.

If it does get pulled (I’ve added a second copy from another source), you can always watch it again in high-def when the Blu-ray hits next month. You’ll have the option of buying the stand-alone “Avengers” movie or the big ol Marvel Cinematic Universe set, which includes “The Avengers” and all the other titles Marvel has released so far. That one, er, costs a tad bit more than the stand-alone version.

In the meantime, check out the cast and crew of “The Avengers” goofing off on set. The boys (and girls) will re-assemble in 2015. Damn, that’s a long ways off. Whatever am I going to do with my time before then?

The Avengers – Gag Reel (Bêtisier) [VO|HD] by addictomovie

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    Hiddleston’s Snape is pretty good. I smell “Harry Potter” prequel/reboot

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    Dailymotion: This video has been deleted for copyright infrigement :(