Reel Laughs: Joss Whedon Saves the Day

Joss Whedon in Geek and Sundry Short Film

Oh, Joss Whedon. What won’t/can’t you do? Direct an epic superhero team-up movie that has become a global phenomenon? Check. Create a sci-fi TV show that has endured for a whole decade since its cancellation, and will probably continue to endure? Double check. Made a cheerleader/vampire slayer cool? Triple check. Star in a silly short film about a cowboy hat wearing commando who fights a big red one-eye monster? Um. Check?

The idea here is that the guys at Geek and Sundry take stories from kids and turn them into semi-animated short films starring famous names. Or at least, I assume it stars famous names. This is the first one I’ve ever seen, and it happens to star Joss Whedon of “The Avengers” fame.

The imagination of kids. What can’t they do? (Besides get a job and help pay the mortgage, I mean.)

Via : Geek and Sundry (h/t Dan)