Reese Witherspoon is Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actress

Hollywood loves Reese Witherspoon. Or, to be more precise, America loves Reese Witherspoon when she’s falling in love on the big screen, and as a result, Hollywood loves her, too. The star of sappy romantic comedies like “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Just Like Heaven” topped the list of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood with a whopping $15-$20 million per picture. (I’m guessing the recent box office flop “Rendition” was a “prestige” project for her, and doesn’t qualify.)

Coming in second to Witherspoon was Angelina Jolie, followed by Cameron Diaz, who is still living off the success of “Shrek”, with a staggering $30 million payday for “Shrek the Third” alone. In fourth place was Nicole Kidman, who despite not having a hit in, geez, ages, still commands a $10-$15 million per movie paycheck.

Here’s the full list of Hollywood’s top money earners (via):

1. Reese Witherspoon – $15 million-$20 million
2. Angelina Jolie – $15 million-$20 million
3. Cameron Diaz – $15+ million
4. Nicole Kidman – $10 million-$15 million
5. Renee Zellweger – $10 million-$15 million
6. Sandra Bullock – $10 million-$15 million
7. Julia Roberts – $10 million-$15 million
8. Drew Barrymore – $10 million-$12 million
9. Jodie Foster – $10 million-$12 million
10. Halle Berry – $10 million

Is it any wonder Hollywood movies cost tens of millions? Because they’re paying people who can’t open a can of tuna, much less a movie over the weekend, $10 million a pop. Hollywood is full of suckers.

Reese Witherspoon is Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actress