Rejoice! Japanese Gorefest Gothic and Lolita Psycho is Coming to Region 1

This is what insomnia is all about, my friends. When you can’t sleep and you’re up trolling the world wide web, this is the sort of giggle-inducing information that makes the headache and the eyestrain that much more bearable. Go “Geisha vs. Ninja” Ohara’s wacky action flick “Gothic and Lolita Psycho” will explode across North American television screens on May 24th, 2011, courtesy of Tokyo Shock. Below you can find the artwork for the release, as well as super-nifty trailer for those of you who may not be as informed as the rest of us. Don’t worry — there’s still plenty of time to bring yourself up to speed. Did I mention I can’t wait? I didn’t? Well, I can’t wait.

via 24 Frames per Second

Gothic and Lolita Psycho (2010) Movie Image