Rejoice! Universal Soldier: Regeneration Trailer Has Finally Arrived!

UniversalSoldierI’ve been excited about this project for quite some time, despite the fact that the previous entries in the series — excluding the ass-kicking original, of course — are the cinematic equivalent of sticking your both feet forcibly inserted into an industrial strength garbage disposal. If nothing else, “Universal Soldier: Regeneration” brings Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme back together for another round of superhuman sci-fi tomfoolery. Even if the movie is rancid from the basement to the rooftop, at least we get to see these two iconic action heroes smacking each other around for 90 minutes. For my entertainment dollar, that’s pretty darn snazzy.

While taking a peek around Twitch this morning, I happened upon the official trailer for director John Hyams forthcoming production. And while it’s an admittedly lame preview, it does provide potential viewers with enough goofy imagery to whet their proverbial whistle. Assuming, of course, the whistle in question was designed for this sort of silliness.

“Universal Soldier: Regeneration” is currently scheduled for release on January 5th, 2010. Enjoy the trailer below.