Relativity Media Announces an Eclectic 2012 Slate

Relativity Media has announced their upcoming 2012 film slate, most of it scheduled to go into production sometime this year.

Up first is their Snow White movie, currently going under the unspectacular title of “Untitled Snow White Project”. The film will star Julia Roberts and Lilly Collins (“The Blind Side” and the upcoming Taylor Lautner actioner “Abduction”), about an evil Queen (Roberts) who steals control of a kingdom and the exiled princess (Collins) who enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels (aka the dwarfs “re-imagined”) to win back her birthright “in a spirited adventure comedy filled with jealousy, romance, and betrayal that will capture the imagination of audiences the world over.” Armie Hammer (“The Social Network” and the new Lone Ranger) will play the object of the two dueling women’s affection, Prince Andrew Alcott. Nathan Lane (“The Birdcage”) rounds out the cast as the hapless and bungling servant to the Queen. The film will begin production in June 2011 for release sometime in 2012.

There is also “Safe Haven”, another movie based on a Nicholas Sparks tearjerker book. A young woman escaping her past moves to a small North Carolina town, and falls for a loving widowed father. The film starts shooting this summer for a June 1, 2012 release date.

More up our alley is the submarine actioner “Hunter Killer”, which already has Phillip Noyce (below) of “Salt” fame attached to direct. The film finds an untested submarine captain working with a Navy SEAL team to rescue the Russian president, who has been taken prisoner during a military coup, in an effort to stop a rogue Russian General from igniting World War III. The film heads into production this summer for a late December 21, 2012 release date.

Also on Relativity’s 2012 slate: “House at the End of the Street” is set for February 3, 2012, followed by an “Untitled Raven Project” on March 9, 2012 and finally, an “Untitled Farrelly/Wessler Comedy” on April 13, 2012.