Report: Ryan Gosling in Talks for The Lone Ranger

Looks like Ryan Gosling is taking some career advice from Jake Gyllenhaal and is temporarily ditching the indie scene to get a piece of that big-studio money. After signing up to star in the remake of “Logan’s Run”, Gosling is now said to be in early talks to headline “The Lone Ranger” as the Western hero alongside his partner-in-justice Tonto (already set to be played by Johnny Depp) in Disney’s reboot of the character.

Gore Verbinski is directing the reboot for uber producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who roped Depp in as Tonto very early on, though no one has been sure where the film would go for its Lone Ranger. Would they go younger, or skew older ala George Clooney? As it turns out, it’s apparently the former.

Besides the big-budget remake of “Logan’s Run”, Gosling’s also got the crime thriller “Drive” waiting for a 2011 release date.

Disney has “The Lone Ranger” scheduled for a 2014 release date.