Resident Evil 4: Afterlife Confirmed for 2010

As previously reported here, it appears Screen Gems and Sony have officially confirmed that we’ll be seeing the fourth installment in the undead “Resident Evil” franchise hit theaters by September 17th, 2010. The confirmation comes from Fangoria, who also says that Milla Jovovich will indeed be back as Alice, the franchise’s main character and star since the first.

The franchise has seen three movies so far: the original in 2002, the sequel, “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” in 2004, and more recently, “Resident Evil: Extinction” in 2007. Apparently calling the last one “Extinction” was premature, because the series will now continue on with “Resident Evil: Afterlife”.

Series producer Paul W.S. Anderson has made noise in the past about being already hard at work writing the script for “Afterlife”, and there are rumors he may return to direct it as well, having previously directed the first movie in the series.

Below: “Eh, she ain’t so tough without them guns.”