Resident Evil 4 Update: Script’s Done and Milla’s Back?

The boys over at Arrow in the Head says they’ve been in touch with very reliable sources close to the production of “Resident Evil 4”, and they’ve come back with some nuggets. First of all, Paul Anderson has finished the script, but as with the previous two installments in the franchise, Anderson will continue to only serve as producer. The script for the fourth movie is also apparently much darker than the previous films, and will feature heavy hand-to-hand fighting. Also, Patrick Tatopoulos, who recently made his directorial debut with “Underworld 3”, will handle creature effects for the sequel.

And finally, here are the parts that may answer whether Milla Jovovich’s Alice will return or if the franchise will be passed onto Ali Larter’s Claire Redfield character:

So far, they will be filming in Toronto and Tokyo. Toronto will actually front for Alaska.

They will be hiring a director once they have Milla officially signed back on.

What you can get from those two sentences is this: Yes, part 4 will bring back Claire Redfield, that much seems obvious if the movie will be set in Alaska. But wait — the movie will also be set in Tokyo! Which means Alice will also be back. As you’ll recall, at the end of “Resident Evil: Extinction”, Alice was headed to Tokyo to take on more Umbrella scum, while Claire was headed to Alaska with the remaining survivors.

Does this mean that instead of a passing of the torch from Alice to Claire, the sequel will simply just follow the two women’s paralleling storylines? Or will Alice show up briefly, just to tie the sequel to the previous three installments, with the remainder of part 4 spent with Clarie in Alaska? I’m inclined to hope for the latter, but the practical side of that is, well, the franchise is Milla Jovovich, so the producers may be hesitant to shake up a formula that has been working for three films now.

Below: And hey, how about Leon S. Kennedy and Ada? They’re still waiting their turn…