Resident Evil 6 Game Trailer Launches Online

Resident Evil 6 Game

Whoa. The “Resident Evil” game franchise is up to #6? I guess. I actually tried to play the fifth installment a few years ago, but gave up after about 30 minutes. The gaming mechanics had simply gotten way too complex for me, and the learning curve was, well, I just didn’t feel like investing the time. Didn’t the games used to be so much simpler? Run here, mix some herbs there, store some guns in this box, etc. Now it’s aim with this button, move with that, action with these three buttons pressed together, toss with three four, etc. Way, way too complex for me. Then again, maybe this is why I play first-person shooters almost exclusively. It’s easy and I’m dumb. Perfect marriage, that.

Anyways, its good to be a “Resident Evil” fan today. Besides that teaser trailer for the latest “Resident Evil” movie franchise, today now brings the trailer for the latest “Resident Evil” game (below). “Resident Evil 6” has also been given an official November 20, 2012 release date by the fine folks over at Capcom.

Resident Evil 6 will feature a split plotline, though bioterrorism remains the motif. In the US, Leon S. Kennedy joins the president of the United States 10 years after the events that defined Raccoon City, ostensibly to offer the truth on what actually happened there. However, in the midst of this revelation, bioterrorists attack, converting the president into a lurching undead.

On the other side of the world, Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance member Chris Redfield touches down in China, which is in the midst of its own bioterrorism outbreak. Resident Evil 6 will be the first installment in the franchise to feature both Redfield and Kennedy, and Capcom noted that new characters will also be introduced in the game.

I’m not sure, but is this the first time Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy have been in the same game? (And yes, you HAVE to say/write out Leon S. Kennedy’s middle initial whenever you mention him, that’s the point).

Anyways, here’s the debut trailer for the franchise’s latest installment:

Via : Gamespot