Resident Evil Afterlife Bonus End-of-Credits Scene (SPOILERS)


For those who missed it, here is the bonus scene from “Resident Evil: Afterlife” featuring the return of an old franchise character. I won’t spoil it for you in case you haven’t seen it, so get it while it’s still get-able. I.e. before the studio goes around pulling it, which shouldn’t be long now…



The video is from overseas (German?), and it shows Sienna Guillory reprising her role as Jill Valentine (though it’s really hard to make out), except as you can see (or can you?), Jill isn’t quite herself, and is leading a cadre of Umbrella shock troops to face Alice and company.

Here’s a pic of the above scene that was leaked a long time back:

Author: Nix

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  • Guest

    Quick and rough translation:
    Drop in T-57 seconds. Go into formation as soon as you land. No prisoners are taken, everyone will be shot. It is unknown how many enemies we will encounter, but among them are our three most important targets: Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield and Project Alice. Alright men, whatever will await you, always remember, that this will be the fight of your lifes.

    • Hozi

      If you have not seen this movie yet. I recommend it. IMO it’s the best of the series so far(except for Wesker being lame)

      Here’s a site where you can watch it for free, Just go to this site and the Video will automatically start streaming. Click on disable add in the Video box thingy.

  • Nix

    We were very close to the exit, to be sure lol.

  • Ergofluxx02

    I agree, after-the-credits and easter eggs are just bull shit, 3rd only to alternant endings and deleted scenes, which is 2nd to the #1 item, which is box sets (forget the damn 2 or more DVD sets with all the special features and bull shit) just give me the damn movie at a good price.

  • ULIK

    Jill is my favorite character in the whole franchise! She better come back to normal and they’d better not kill her off in the next one or I’ll be pissed!(even though I won’t be able to do jack about it)

    • Sheelcute

      yeah i also hope they don’t kill her because i wont watch resident evil anymore, i waited for this for too long and i am just tired of watching every movie and again fails in being a great film damn they should have stick with the games.

      • Pulseofchaos666

        wtf are complaining for? Resident Evil happens to be one of the only movies based on a game that’s actually descent. If there was no movie, you’d wish there was one.

  • Hangman's Joke

    Ah so they’re going with Jill from Resident Evil 5. Explains why she wasn’t in Extinction still haven’t seen this one though.

  • Cann

    so you guys think there will be a new resident evil after this?

    • Kamsbox

      this was one of the best out of the four REsident Evil movies in my opinion…and they’re starting to catch on with the ending credits promotion. The resident evil afterlife ending scene just begs for a sequel and despite what they say i’m pretty sure we’ll see another movie down the road.

      these rumors came from

      been stalking it ever since yesterday -_-

  • Maths83

    It’s like RE5, Jill is controlled by Wesker. At the end, Chris save Jill.

  • Sykoboi2000

    Ihope thiz jill iznt as cocky as Apocalypse. Can usay “overactor” .. but when iseen tha Jill in the creditz of Afterlife. Iscreamd “YEEEEAH”. .. people lookd @ me. Goez 2show ugamerz of our generation ARE going extinct :D -SykoBoi-

  • Ben

    It is one of the wrost films this year firstly it was incredibly shorter as most of time film is talking the only thing to metion is the insane infected axe weilding monster that all and i mean how all alice clones can be killed so dumbly following the having the t virus no longer and still doing everything as before except telekenesis this film is basically just been made with xtreme amount of CGI and a poorly written storyline with 3D aspect and after all that it seems they leave the end just before that action happens that you went to see they film for so I give it just 1 star

    • Sheelcute

      hell yeah! i am so disappoint :/ its not like i didn’t see it coming but i had a little hope but God they keep me from having faith on them, stupid movie, i love Milla and sienna but the director uff its doing it so wrong this film should be directed by Michael Bay but now its too late.

      • Alexmann

        you and the guy above you have no ideas about movie quality you should keep your opinions to yourself

    • Sheelcute

      hell yeah! i am so disappoint :/ its not like i didn’t see it coming but i had a little hope but God they keep me from having faith on them, stupid movie, i love Milla and sienna but the director uff its doing it so wrong this film should be directed by Michael Bay but now its too late.

    • Harley

      Yeah, The Executioner was the only good thing about this movie, in my opinion.
      Well, him and Wentworth Miller (because he’s hot).

      • Andwaners61

        did you saw the scene when the producer stabbed alice with the dagger? i think that was the one that was stabbed to wesker’s leg. maybe that is why she was able to kill wesker. or maybe that is something for the 5th installment

    • Guest

      There is no build up of characters. To someone who hadn’t played the games they would have no idea who Chris is. They do not go in to any detail for character development, and they just randomly add one in each movie to try and make people happy. You would also have no idea that Chris and Wesker know each other based on the movie. Terrible filming (slow motion in every scene). Probably one of the worst movies ever made. These movies were doomed from the start. The Alice character has no business in the Resident Evil franchise. If Hollywood would have allowed George Romero’s original screenplay for Resident Evil back in the 90’s to be made into a movie rather than stopping production it would have been what it was supposed to be, not this crap

  • Imp_dignitary

    i hope the do spencer in the next one,and weskers parts and death sucked