Resident Evil: Afterlife Release Date Moved Again

Except this time it’s been moved ahead, meaning it’ll be opening in theaters everywhere (possibly in 3D) September 10 instead of September 24 as originally expected. This doesn’t mean a whole lot to most of you out there, but it does mean I get to write a post about it. Really, who cares if it opens the 24th or the 10th, it’s still September and you still won’t care until you start seeing the ads on TV anyway. But like I said, it does give me the excuse to write about it, which I’m doing now. Period. Moving on.

Paul W.S. Anderson returns to direct the fourth installment, which once again returns franchise star Milla Jovovich and fresh addition Ali Larter (from “Extinction”) and new face Wentworth Miller, as they take their fight to those slimey Umbrella corporation types.

True story: I tried playing Resident Evil 5, but gave up about 10 minutes because it was too hard.