Resident Evil: Degeneration CG Movie Gets a Damnation Sequel


Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008) Movie Image

2008’s original “Resident Evil” CG movie “Resident Evil: Degeneration” (aka “Biohazard: Degeneration” in its native Japan) certainly had its moments, and I thoroughly enjoyed much of it. Another plus: the movie didn’t seem to be running around chasing its own tail like the live-action movie franchise seems to be doing at the moment. (Read my review of “Degeneration” here.)

But with the return of Paul W.S. Anderseon’s “Resident Evil: Afterlife”, which has enjoyed a nice opening weekend, it appears the time is right for a sequel to “Degeneration”, even if the two franchises couldn’t be more different in terms of direction.

Of course, it helps that “Degeneration’s” DVD sales has reached 1.6 million copies globally. As a result, Capcom and Sony have decided the time is right to make another “RE” CG movie.

The sequel will be called “Resident Evil: Damnation”, and Leon S. Kennedy will return to slay more zombies. No word on the return of spunky civilian Claire Redfield, though.

Author: Nix

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  • Dominique

    I don’t see why having 2 different cinematic takes on the games is a bad thing. I mean, if I wanna see events played out like they do in the games, then I’ll…..go……..the games…..? And for ppl who keep saying the films are bad, they’re really not. And besides that, a combined worldwide gross of $379,553,746 on a combined budget of $183,000,000 (first 3 films) seems to indicate that the rest of the world agrees…..

    • justjoe

      The movies are bad: the script, the acting, the dialogue, pretty much everything. And due to your logic: the “Twillight”-movie must be cinematical masterpieces and those whole bunch of spoof-movie must be pretty great as well. ;-)

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      Let it go Dom. You can’t win the hardcore RE fans over. It just won’t happen. I agree having two cinematic interpetations is actually good. One that’s it’s own entity and one based on the games (the cg films). I also agree about the idea of redoing the events in the game on film would be boring. I’ve always said that if they want to reboot the films they should combine the two sotrylines or whatever and come up with something new. Something that has many of the events and charatcers we remember but in new situations and new scenarios. I can so easily see a more streamlined storyline without having to backtrack and say “Oh yeah this was happening while game 2 was happening, etc.”

      That said I loved “Degeneration” and was hoping for more. I also like the live action movies as well (though “Extinction” left me wanting) and liked how they’ve moved far beyond where the games have gone. They’ve crossed more into Romero territory and that’s made a huge difference, almost like “What if the games skipped ahead 10 years.”

  • Arthur

    I thoroughly enjoyed Degeneration (bought the blu-ray); the sequel should be good. As far as the live action films, I like Extinction and I must admit watching Afterlife in IMAX 3-D was big time fun. Axe Man stole the show!!! Hopefully the sequel to Afterlife will have Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy and heck, maybe even Rebecca Chambers. Two different universes, so-to-speak, two different feels but one magnificent franchise. Not to mention the video game “Resident Evil 6″ is being made as we speak.