Return to Castle Wolfenstein Movie Lives!

Back in my gaming days (you know, before videogame graphics got so good and so real that my brain started to hurt when I play them), I loved me some “Wolfenstein” gaming action. What’s not to love about running around darken castles shooting the crap out of scumbag Nazis? Man, Nazis suck. A year ago, it was announced that Roger Avary (the “other” guy from “Pulp Fiction”) was writing a script, and now it appears he’s still writing. This tells us two things: One) “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” is still happening; and Two) Roger Avary is a really, really slow bastard.

EuroGamer has more on your Wolfy news:

The Wolfenstein movie is still in development and Roger Avary is “working on the script right now” according to id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead.

“With the writer’s strike it took so long to get underway and Roger Avary, the writer, had a commitment that was in line before working the Wolfenstein stuff, but I’ve recently been in contact with Roger and he’s actually working on the script right now,” Hollenshead told Eurogamer.

“I think that from a progress standpoint it’s probably gone a little bit slower than what we would have expected – you can’t control these strikes and so on.”

Hollenshead said he hasn’t actually seen any of Avary’s work yet, speculating that the Oscar-winning script-writer probably doesn’t want to show anyone anything until he’s taken a run through it himself.

Avary is also supposed to direct the adaptation. If this guy takes as long to direct the movie as he seems to be writing it, it’s gonna be 2025 when we finally see B.J. Blazkowicz shooting Nazi scum on the big screen.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein