Revenge is On Its Way to Wage a Bloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley

South Korean cinema has no shortage of revenge flicks, and I shamelessly and unapologetically consume each and every one with very little discretion. Even if when they’re weak, these films always manage to provide yours truly with plenty of visceral entertainment. Director Ji Ha-Jean’s upcoming thriller “Bloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley” looks like your typical suspense yarn with a hefty dose of savage violence tossed around to keep things interesting. In other words, it doesn’t strike me as being overly original. However, the fanboy blood pulsing through my pasty white body draws me to it, and I am not strong enough to resist its power.

“Bloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley”, which stars Choi Ji-eun and Lee Moo-saeng, opens in South Korean cinemas on July 12th, 2012. If you care to stare at a trailer, you’ll find one below.

Via : Asian Wiki