Revenge Is The Name Of The Game In The Thai Horror Flick Thongsuk 13

Thongsuk 13 (2013) Movie Image

With a name like “Thongsuk 13,” you’d better deliver the goods. After all, your title sounds kind of like “thong suck,” which is sure to be used against the picture if someone doesn’t like what it has to offer. Or maybe that’s just me. Although I can’t think of a single instance when someone used the term “thong suck” to describe a terrible motion picture, this could be it.

All joking aside, the upcoming Thai horror movie doesn’t look half bad. Sure, it’s your standard “get supernatural revenge on the bullies” picture, but there seems to be plenty of on-screen nastiness to go around. When your movie isn’t very original on a narrative level, you’ve got to have plenty of gore to hide that fact from audiences.

Check out this synopsis:

The story revolves around Thongsuk, a young man who has the mentality child, a young man whose life has been made a misery through daily bullying by a specific group of students at school. When the holidays arrive, those who have made Thongsuk’s life a misery prepare to go back home for the holidays. Thongsuk believes this is his chance, his chance for revenge by scaring the bullies as they make their way home but, the bullies soon drag Thongsuk out of hiding and lock him away in a cold dark abandoned room. Revenge can come in the most unexpected way. For Thongsuk, Friday 13th — the day the spirits are set free to wreak havoc on the living — is that day.

“Thongsuk 13” is presently scheduled to open in Thailand later this month. The rest of us may have to wait until someone decides to give the flick worldwide distribution before we have a chance to check it out. The trailer has been lovingly embedded below.

Via : 24 Frames Per Second