Richard Kelly Updates Southland Tales

Remember when “Donnie Darko” director Richard Kelly announced his sorta sci-fi movie “Southland Tales”? Everyone was excited. Then a year went and nothing. No signs of the movie. Not even a trailer. Lots of pictures of The Rock and Sarah Michelle Gellar getting cozy, though, but nothing from “Tales” itself to be seen, to be watched, to be admired. At this time, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of anticipation left for Kelly’s movie. Even the people who salivated ferociously over “Darko” seems to have given “Tales” up for dead. Which is probably why Kelly has decided to update his Myspace site with news about the impending completion of post-production.

Says Kelly in a letter to fans on June 29th:

As for Southland Tales… we are about halfway through completing all of the new visual effects. We have to deliver everything by the end of summer. I have to tell everyone that the amount of visual effects work being added to the film is SIGNIFICANT… and I am so grateful for the work being done by Thomas Tannenberger and his team at Gradient VFX in Venice Beach.

And I can confirm that a company has been hired by Sony to begin work on a trailer. The release date will be announced very soon.

He also mentions something about his new movie “The Box” starring Cameron Diaz, but since the idea of caring about a Cameron Diaz movie fills me with dread and the need to bathe, I will not pass that news on.

So what Kelly is saying, it’s almost done, just wait.

Um, yeah. By the time this movie comes out, there won’t be anyone around to see it. It’ll BE the future!

Richard Kelly Updates Southland Tales