Richard Matheson Okays I am Legend Sequel Rights

Even before Will Smith and “I am Legend” cleaned up at the box office, the film’s writer Mark Protosevich was already going around Hollywood pitching the idea of a sequel. Now it appears as if Protosevich was very much ahead of his time, as here comes news that Warner has successfully purchased sequel rights for “I am Legend” from the book’s author, Richard Matheson.


An inside source, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells author Richard Matheson has signed off on sequel rights for the smash hit I Am Legend. Matheson wrote the original 1954 novel upon which Francis Lawrence’s film is based.

Matheson himself never wrote a sequel to his novel, and if you’ve read it, you would know why. But given the movie version of “I am Legend’s” $331.1 million worldwide box office take in just three weeks of release, it doesn’t take a genius to predict that “I am Legend 2” is coming … soon.

Now how they’ll do it is open to interpretation, given how the first movie ended…

Richard Matheson Okays I am Legend Sequel Rights