Rick and Co. in New Images from The Walking Dead Season 5

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead - Season 5 - Poster

It’s hard to believe I’ve been watching “The Walking Dead” for four years now, coming up on five. I didn’t used to think zombie shows could make it on TV. I mean, they’re zombies! When did Middle Town America started liking zombie shows? I remember the old days when the only thing zombie-related you could get was a low-budget horror movie some kids shot in their back yards with their pals.

Now they’re all over TV. Go figure.

Anyhoos. Here are two handful of new images from the upcoming Season 5 of “The Walking Dead.” From the looks of it, Rick Grimes and company get out of their little jail pretty fast and end up fighting zombies again. I guess that makes sense. I mean, how long could they keep them in that train car? It’d be a pretty boring season if all they did was sit around in the dark.

The living dead returns this October 12th on AMC.