Rick Goes For a Stroll in First Image From The Walking Dead Season 4

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Wow, didn’t “The Walking Dead” Season 3 just wrapped up it’s lukewarm season finale last week? Nope, it just feels that way, as it turns out. The show actually aired its final episode of Season 3 at the tail end of March, and Season 4 is already in full production mode in Atlanta this week and TVLine just posted your official first look at the upcoming Season 4 of the AMC show.

Here’s Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, going for a stroll in the woods, apparently. I’m guessing Rick’s going to figure out sooner or later that there’s a walker behind him. After all, it would be a hell of a thing if Rick got bit and died on the first episode of Season 4.

By the way, I’m still a little miffed about that Season 3 finale. What a badly scripted, shot, and edited episode. The Governor and his Army bangs down the door of the prison, then Glenn and Maggie pops up and shoots at them, no one gets killed, and everyone runs off? Wow. I haven’t seen that kind of awful shooting/writing/directing since an episode of “Warehouse 13”. Seriously, I expected so much more from “The Walking Dead”, but I guess they really, really wanted to drag out the Governor storyline. Boo to that nonsense.

Anyhoo. Here’s your first look at “The Walking Dead” Season 4. What, no Ghost Lori?

Andrew Lincoln in THE WALKING DEAD Season 4