Rick Grimes Goes Medieval in First Walking Dead Season 2 Promo Video

As it turns out, that “Walking Dead” Season 2 promo video we posted earlier this month wasn’t real. I guess I kinda knew it wasn’t real, but hey, it was really well done and props to the fan who did it. Anyways, this one, though, is definitely the real thing since Andrew Lincoln is up front and accounted for.

If you were watching AMC’s “Breaking Bad” Season 4 premiere tonight, then you saw the network give you a full minute preview of the “The Walking Dead” Season 2. In the minute-long spot, Rick Grimes (aka Andrew Lincoln) goes all medieval on a couple of zombies that are stalking him through the woods. Turns out, the living guy is way more dangerous than the two undead guys. And man, Rick sure looks pretty crazy there, wonder what went and happened after that CDC hullabaloo…

Season 2 of “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC this October.