Rick Stands Tall (and Alone) in New Walking Dead Season 3 Poster

AMC has released a new poster for the upcoming third season of their hit show “The Walking Dead”, and it’s another good one. (Man, who knew mainstream America would go for a TV show about zombies? This is, truly, one of those things I never saw coming.) The poster, of course, features Rick Grimes (aka Andrew Lincoln) all alone on the side of an overturned bus, with the prison (the upcoming season’s main location) and taking aim at, we presume, some zombies. Then again, considering the tagline (“Fight the Dead. Fear the Living”.) maybe not so much.

By the way, have you noticed the pattern? Almost every signature poster from the show’s three seasons feature ol Rick all by himself. I’m sure that’s not a coincidence.

“The Walking Dead” Season 3, starring Lincoln as hero Rick Grimes and newcomers Danai Gurira as Michonne and David Morrissey as the villainous Governor, return to the airwaves this October 14th.

THE WALKING DEAD - Season 3 - Poster - Fear the Living