Rider Strong Joins Pulse Sequel, Invasion

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The second “Pulse” sequel, “Invasion” (the first being “Pulse: Afterlife”) gets a new castmember — former “Cabin Fever” alum Rider Strong. MovieHole reports that Strong will be showing up in “Pulse: Invasion”, the second of two direct-to-DVD to the Kristen Bell horror movie remake. Bell herself won’t be around, as she’s too big of a star to be doing direct-to-DVD movie sequels, but Jamie Bamber (“Battlestar Galactica”), Georgina Rylance (“The Prophecy: Uprising”), Noureen DeWulf (“Ocean’s Thirteen”) and Laura Cayouette (“Flight of the Living Dead”) will. The actors will be spread out across the two sequels, which will be shot back-to-back and released a year apart as is the usual M.O. of producer/writer/director Joel Soisson, aka the King of Direct-to-DVD sequels.

The plot of “Invasion”:

“Invasion” will take place seven years in the future the survivors on Earth settled into a primitive lifestyle completely void of electronics. The clusters of human survivors live together in refugee camps as the phantoms have taken over the cities. Justine is now a teenager and she escapes to the city to try and make a life for herself where she is not a drain on her adopted family. She heads in to the city at the urging of Adam, a seeming survivor in the city that lures her with promises of understanding and friendship.

Wow, I have no idea who wrote that synopsis, but it’s, wow, I hope the movie makes more sense than that.

Rider Strong Joins Pulse Sequel, Invasion

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