Ridiculous New Poster for Director Sin Tae-ra’s Runway Cop

It’s hard to admit to friends and family that you’re looking forward to a movie about a frumpy detective who cross dresses in order to solve a crime. They have a tendency to look at you funny, the way people look at children who fall backwards off of jungle gyms. I’ll be the first to admit that the movie looks utterly ridiculous, but I think that’s precisely what draws me in. Below you’ll find the latest poster for director Sin Tae-ra’s forthcoming action/comedy “Runway Cop”, a movie I’d probably hate if it starred Reese Witherspoon. I wouldn’t be surprise if a Tyler Perry-produced remake is currently in the works.

“Runway Cop”, which stars Kang Ji-Hwan, opens in South Korea this May. The film’s teaser trailer has also been included in this article. You’ll find it below, right above the latest poster.

Via : Asian Wiki