Ridley Scott and a Post-Apocalyptic Vampire Trilogy Called The Passage

Now here’s a very interesting project that has all the right ingredients for me to just love the hell out of. Ridley Scott in charge in some way? Check. Vampires? Check. Post-apocalyptic plot? Check. A wannabe trilogy? Okay, I could do without that last one. But the rest? Damn, I couldn’t put together a better looking idea for a movie if I had the impetus to do so! The property in question is called “The Passage”, described by The Hollywood Reporter as “a partial manuscript” purchased by Fox 2000 for 7 figures and is “intended as a trilogy for Ridley Scott to produce via his Scott Free banner and possibly direct”.

“The Passage” is a fictional work by Justin Cronin, who is apparently some high-falutin literary writer or what-have-you. You know, the kind of author guys like me wouldn’t be caught dead browsing in our local Barnes and Noble.

“Passage” is a departure for Cronin, as it is a postapocalyptic vampire story set in 2016. The dark tale revolves around a U.S. government project gone awry that turn a group of experimental subjects — condemned inmates plucked from death row — into highly infectious vampires. Meanwhile, an orphan named Amy discovers that she has unusual powers, seemingly related to the crisis that quickly overtakes civilized society.

Love the setting. Love the horror elements. Don’t know about the “orphan name Amy” part of it, though. Why not just do the condemned convicts as vampires and go with that?

Oh well. Sounds like a blast, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one for sure.