Ridley Scott and DiCaprio Team up for The Low Dweller

Wow, Ridley Scott is finally working with another another other than Russell Crowe. Someone call the cops, I think Crowe is missing, or dead, or worst. In any case, Scott will be teaming up with Mister Environmentalist Jr. Leonardo DiCaprio for the thriller “The Low Dweller”, which is described as a cross between “The History of Violence” and “No Country for Old Men”. Translation: this thing is gonna get bloody, really, really blood, and they’re going to make it look as real as possible.


Set in Indiana in the mid-1980s, the movie centers on a man (DiCaprio) trying to assimilate into society after he’s released from jail, only to find someone from his past pursuing him to settle a score. In addition to the pursuer, a third male character and a female love interest are said to figure prominently in the script.

Ridley Scott is currently in negotiations to direct, and he along with DiCaprio (who will star) will produce the film. The two has “Body of Lies” coming out soon.

“The Low Dweller” is based on a spec script by noob Brad Ingelsby, who hit the jackpot when he sold this thing for $650,000 against $1.1 million. Now that’s a nice chunk of change there, bub.

Ridley Scott and DiCaprio Team up for The Low Dweller